Wheel Balance

If you want your vehicle to last as long as possible and to be in optimal condition, you should not forget one important preventative maintenance step, which is wheel balancing. In most cases, this type of service wouldn't be performed with the same frequency as let's say oil, lube or filter changes, but it definitely has to be present in the preventative maintenance schedule of every owner.

A lot of people mistake wheel balancing for wheel alignment, but in reality, they are completely different services. The process of wheel alignment includes adjustments to each wheel's angles, making sure that they are all parallel to each other. However, the process of wheel balancing is something totally different.

What is Wheel Balancing?

The purpose of the wheel balancing is to make sure that wheels and tires have the ability to spin properly. Our technician will inspect for heavy spots on the wheel-tire combination, during the process of wheel balancing, and will place weighty lead on the opposite side of the wheel, in order to compensate for any such spots.

When Do You Need Wheel Balancing?

Actually, a lot of vehicle owners don't know when their vehicles are in need of a wheel balancing service. Moreover, they are not familiar with the most common symptoms and signs that indicate a vehicle is in need of this type of critical preventative maintenance service.

There are couple of indications, but probably the most common is when you experience vibrations in the steering wheel at certain highway speeds. That is a certain sign the your vehicle is in need of urgent wheel balancing service. Other signs include unusual tear and war on the tires and vibrations in the floorboard or seat.

Do You Have a Vehicle Preventative Maintenance Schedule?

If you wish to prevent further and more serious problems for your vehicle, it's important to include the wheel balancing service in your vehicle preventative maintenance schedule.

If you want to have a wheel balancing service performed by a certified technician, schedule an appointment with our auto repair shop.