Shocks and Struts Service

The suspension system of your car is one of the most important road control and safety components. That's why, shocks and struts execute numerous important functions. They not only protect you and your passengers from unpleasant bumpy ride, but they also keep your tires in contact with the road, thus preventing your vehicle from flipping over on sharp turns and curves.

If you wish to prolong the life of your tires and ensure even tread wear, it is vital to have regular shock and struts service or repair, if needed. That being said, maintaining your suspension in check is of utmost importance if you want to have a smooth and safe ride.

It's important to know when to replace your car's shocks and struts, so that you can enjoy a safer, smoother ride. The shock absorbers and struts has to be replaced every 50,000 mile driven, according to the Motorist Assurance Program (MAP). There are also numerous symptoms and signs that indicate whether you car is in need of shocks and struts service or repair. If your car has been nose diving, floating, leaning or bouncing, it's a definite sign that you need to visit your nearest auto repair center.

Fortunately for you, the auto repair experts at our shop know everything related to shocks and struts in order to keep them in top shape. We have a huge collection of original, dealership-quality shock absorbers, struts and coil springs. Schedule your shocks and struts service with us today!