Lubrication Service

The certified technicians at our auto repair shop have years of experience and training in providing top-quality lubrication service for our customers. Basically, the lubrication service consists of an oil and filter change, tyre condition (including spare) and pressure check, inspection of under bonnet fluid (clutch, brakes, cooling system), lights, hoses and a general inspection under the car (exhaust and suspension, brake hoses, cv joints, etc.).

In addition, our technicians will take a look at the condition of the brake pad. In some cases, in order to thoroughly inspect the condition of the brakes, the wheels has to be removed.

We also highly recommend a drop of lubricant around boot and door hinges.

At our auto repair shop, we only use high-quality fluids (engine oil and filter) and our mechanics use a careful approach towards the cooling system and other potentially risky areas of your vehicle.

When it comes to automatic transmission and cooling system, we only use genuine or manufacturer's recommended fluids.