Waco Auto Fluid Flushes

Fluid flushes are a critical component of your vehicle’s health and maintenance. At Trinity Auto Haus we want the best for your vehicle. We also want you to have confidence in knowing your vehicle is being properly cared for. With our highly trained team of ASE certified technicians, we are the professionals in Waco, TX for your vehicle’s preventive maintenance fluid flushes.

Although “fluid flushing” is a common terminology throughout the auto repair community, many customers don’t entirely understand what fluid flushing means. Many people never realize how essential fluid flushes are to your vehicle. That’s totally understandable, but we hope to demystify it for you!

To keep your vehicle in optimal performance, all vehicles require specific flushes at specific mileage intervals. These intervals depend on your make and model. Some examples of fluids that need flushing include: brake fluid, engine oil fluid, fuel system fluid, radiator fluid, power steering fluid, and transmission fluid. These fluids work together to help create a “well-oiled machine” in your vehicle. Much like your body fluids, all fluids need to be in good health to work together to create a healthy system. Without all fluids in top health, your vehicle will also feel the effects and will be damaged if the fluids are not flushed regularly.

With all the different types of required fluid flushes, it’s no wonder most customers get confused about them! Who has time to work a job, take care of their family, be part of their community, be active in their churches, take care of their health and remember when and what fluid flushes are required? With our family owned and family run auto repair shop, Trinity Auto Haus understands how busy life is and we want to take the hassle of “remembering” fluid flushes (and avoiding the unwanted repairs that are necessary when your fluids aren’t taken care of properly) off your plate!

For over seven years, Trinity Auto Haus has been the one stop shop for our Waco community, including Baylor University students. Residents from all surrounding areas such as Woodway, China Spring, Bellmead, Hewitt, Lorena, Lacy Lakeview, Robinson and other local areas have loved taking their vehicles to Trinity Auto Haus to get their fluids flushed as well. We love our community and our customers. We want to help you avoid the stress and hassle of vehicle maintenance and make fluid flushing as uncomplicated as possible for you and your family. We offer complimentary loaner cars or shuttle rides. We value your time and never want any of our services to interfere with the many other commitments you have throughout your day.

Trinity Auto Haus also understands the importance of a budget. We not only have the best and most fair pricing in the Waco area, but we also have same as cash financing options available to our customers. Plus, we often help our customers plan out when to get repairs and maintenance services so that they can budget for them accordingly. When servicing your vehicle, we offer a complimentary 56-point digital inspection and we will never service your vehicle without your agreement. We even back our expert fluid flushes with a 3 year/36,000 nationwide warranty! Our ASE certified technicians and expert staff value being reliable, ethical and honest and we want to be the ones to help you balance your life by maintaining your vehicle. Call us today to schedule your fluid flush consultation or book an appointment below.

Why Trinity Auto Haus for Your Fluid Flush Service?

Our family owned and family operated auto repair shop knows how busy your day can be and we want to simplify the added inconvenience of a brake check or brake fix. We offer free loaner cars and free shuttle service. We have a 24/7 drop box so you can conveniently drop your vehicle off at any time. Or, you can sit in our clean and cozy waiting room, enjoying a nice cold refreshment while we take care of your automobile.

Our co-owners, Brian and Sarah Jesko, along with the rest of the knowledgeable team at Trinity Auto Haus, want our customers to feel cared for from the moment you schedule your appointment to the well after you drive your refreshed vehicle home. With our high standards, strong ethics and real integrity, we want to be your first choice in brake repair.

Service Areas

If you live in Waco, TX or any of the surrounding areas, such as Woodway, China Spring, Bellmead, Hewitt, Lorena, Lacy Lakeview or Robinson, give us a call to set up an appointment. We’re looking forward to meeting you!