What Could Possibly Go Wrong with My Car this Summer?

It's officially summer, which means we often find ourselves depending on our cars a lot more. Whether to go back into the office, to the beach, or see friends and family, we need our car to get us from place to place. Unfortunately, the hot weather combined with more driving can take a toll on our vehicles and their internal systems. As a result, understanding how to prepare our cars for summertime and understand the common causes of breakdowns can help you dodge car troubles over the next couple of months. 


Countless causes can result in car breakdowns in the heat. Here are some of the most common reasons why our cars tend to malfunction more frequently during the summer months: 


Check Engine Light 

If your check engine light is on, it is vital to have the issue inspected and diagnosed as soon as possible. Driving with the check engine light on can do more harm than good because it can worsen the problem and lead to more costly repairs. The only way to know for sure what is causing your vehicle pain is to have one of our expert mechanics at Trinity Auto Haus run diagnostics on your vehicle. 


Car Overheating 

You should also pay more attention to your engine temperature gauge on the dashboard. If you see that it's running hotter than usual, you may want your vehicle inspected. A temperature warning can also turn on if your car is at risk for engine overheating. 


Flat Tire 

A flat tire is more common in the summer, primarily due to temperature fluctuation and the number of other automobiles on the road. Make sure to have your tire pressure checked before setting out on long drives.


Dead Car Battery 

A dead car battery is also a typical car issue during the summer, especially when it comes to high temperatures, which can strain the battery and cause battery fluid to evaporate or break down. We can test your battery at Trinity Auto Haus and ensure that your battery will endure the hot temperatures.


Before you get going with your summer plans, be sure to have your vehicle examined at Trinity Auto Haus to avoid any of the problems above from happening to you. The last place you'd want to spend on a hot, humid day is the side of the road. We invite you to bring your car into our shop today.