Avoid These Damaging Driving Habits At All Costs!

The truth is there is no such thing as the "best driver" - we have all been guilty of lousy driving practices. While things like neglecting to use a turn on a signal can aggravate other drivers, certain horrible habits can put you and your vehicle in harm's way. We've compiled four of the most common driving habits that can do some serious damage:


Fuel gauges are notoriously mistaken. From experience, you may believe you have another 50 miles left in the tank after the fuel light comes on, but other times you might not. Gasoline in your fuel system can be comparable to coolant in the cooling system, and keeping too little gas in your tank can cause components to overheat and malfunction. Your catalytic converter, fuel pump, or the fuel system altogether could all be damaged if you run out of gas entirely. Take responsibility by always keeping your gas tank at least a 1/4 full and investing in regular tune-ups and fuel system cleanings.



Most people do not know that they're supposed to use their parking brake, or e-brake, every time they park. EVERY! No matter what kind of ground you're on, hilly or flat, please do not forget to use your emergency brake when parking to ease the tension that would otherwise be applied to your transmission. 



"Riding the brakes" generally means you leave your foot on the pedal for prolonged intervals, and it can lead to brakes overheating. When brakes overheat, they lose a bit of their stopping power, making it more challenging to stop promptly. There are several things you can do to help prevent overheated brakes. Rather than keeping your foot on the brake pedal, try:

  • Switching to a lower engine gear (if you operate a manual).
  • Moving cautiously, with extra space between cars.
  • Let go of the accelerator to slow down.



Is your dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree? If so, it may be a distress signal, and your car is seeking help! Leaving dashboard lights unattended could leave you stranded or with costly repairs. We recommend paying close attention to the battery, brake, airbag, coolant, oil, and the check engine light because they could put your safety at risk. 


Come by Trinity Auto Haus for a comprehensive inspection to avoid further damage to your vehicle. Our trained technicians are highly experienced in repairing the troubles listed above. Do not hesitate to give us a call or visit today!