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What is a Pre-Purchase Car Inspection?

Buying a used car from another person can often times be uncertain. While the seller may express that the vehicle is in great condition, it is difficult to truly tell the condition just by looking at it. There could be a small issue growing within the engine that may cost you an engine replacement in the near future, an expense that you weren't planning for. This is why a pre-purchase inspection in Waco TX is so important.  What is a pre-purchase car inspection? A pre-purchase inspection is when you bring the used vehicle into our shop for an evaluation. We perform a multi-point vehicle inspection and test multiple components for basic function and condition of parts. We put together a report for you which will include the condition of all major parts and will outline what repairs or services we feel that the vehicle will need in the near future.  When you understand what services or repairs the used car will need shortly after you purchase it, you'll be able to not ... read more