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Is the Check Engine Light Serious?

Is the Check Engine Light Serious?

You're driving along and look down on at your vehicle's dashboard to see that dreaded check engine light turn on. You're hoping that it is some mistake and that it will eventually turn off on its own. However, it stays on throughout the day and doesn't seem to be going anywhere. We understand this dreaded feeling and the uncertainty that comes along with dealing with a check engine light. You may wonder, is it serious? Can I continue driving? Let's look at some of the potential causes for why the check engine light turns on and what to do next.  There are many different reasons why your check engine light illuminates - some of the issues can be minor and others can be major. Even if you are scared of the season why the light is on, it is important to bring your vehicle into Trinity Auto Haus as soon as you can. The faster that we are able to identify the issue and fix it, the less money you'll end up spending on repairs.  Here are the top reasons wh ... read more

Symptoms of Failing Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are a critical component of your vehicle’s internal combustion engine. Spark plugs transmit an electrical signal that’s sent from the ignition coil to create a spark that heats the air-fuel mixture inside the combustion chamber. Good quality spark plugs will help with your fuel efficiency, while bad or failing spark plugs won’t even start your motor. Similar to motor oil, fuel, and air filters, spark plugs require regular maintenance to keep your vehicle running strong. Most manufacturers suggest that spark plugs are replaced every 30K to 50k miles. However, some newer cars and trucks have advanced ignition systems that make spark plug replacement unnecessary. Having knowledge of spark plugs and whether they are damaged can result in quick repair and save on costly expenses.  Listed below are a few common symptoms your spark plugs are damaged or worn out:  Difficulty starting the vehicle The engine’s ... read more

Tips to Make Your Windshield Wipers Last Longer

Windshield Wipers are an exposed vehicle component, which makes them more susceptible to heat and other factors. Due to this reason, the wipers only last about 12-18 months, depending on the weather and how often you park your vehicle under the sun. It is so important that your vehicles wipers are always in good condition, because they are vital when you need to see clearly, whether its raining or you need them to clear dirt.  How do you know when windshield wipers need to be replaced? A good rule of thumb is to replace them when you start noticing that the wipers are streaking, skipping, or smearing. Additionally, if you look at the wipers and they appear frayed or dry, it's time to replace them.  If you notice that your wipers are bad and its only been a short amount of time since you last replaced them, keep in mind the following tips on how to make your windshield wipers last longer.  Lift your blades in freezing temperatures to avoid them from freezing up aga ... read more

A Message from Trinity Auto Haus About COVID-19

A Message from Trinity Auto Haus About COVID-19

Trinity Auto Haus is open for business and we are here to help! As an automotive repair shop, we have been classified as an Essential Service and will remain open for any automotive needs you may need. We know how uncertain times are at the moment, and we want to be a source of help when you find yourself needing auto care.  Our vehicles are important during this time more than ever, which is why we remain open for business. You can be sure that your health is a priority of ours, which is why we have implemented new measures for sanitization and options for contactless service. We will remain open with our normal business hours: Monday – Friday 7:30am to 5:30pm. We are doing everything in our shop to keep you and our employees safe: Free No Contact Pick up and Deliver All communication can be over the phone   Disinfection all keys and vehicles before and after services Technicians change gloves after each service performed ... read more

What is a Pre-Purchase Car Inspection?

Buying a used car from another person can often times be uncertain. While the seller may express that the vehicle is in great condition, it is difficult to truly tell the condition just by looking at it. There could be a small issue growing within the engine that may cost you an engine replacement in the near future, an expense that you weren't planning for. This is why a pre-purchase inspection in Waco TX is so important.  What is a pre-purchase car inspection? A pre-purchase inspection is when you bring the used vehicle into our shop for an evaluation. We perform a multi-point vehicle inspection and test multiple components for basic function and condition of parts. We put together a report for you which will include the condition of all major parts and will outline what repairs or services we feel that the vehicle will need in the near future.  When you understand what services or repairs the used car will need shortly after you purchase it, you'll be able to not ... read more

What is a Collapsed Car Hose?

Your vehicle has many different hoses working throughout to ensure that fluids are properly pressurized and circulated. When a hose collapses, this is usually a reference to the radiator hose. A collapsed hose basically means that it appears to have sunken or caved in.  A radiator hose can collapse for a number of different reasons. A faulty radiator cap is one culprit. If the radiator cap is not releasing pressure, it can cause a vacuum to develop which can lead to the collapse of the radiator hose. Another potential problem is a blocked overflow hose, which can also create a vacuum due to a clog somewhere in the system.  The overall condition of the hose plays a part too, because a new hose won't necessarily be affected by a create vacuum. It is older and more fragile hoses that will be affected, which will need to be replaced.  Some hoses also have wire reinforcement woven into rubber of the body of your car, and if that reinforcement wire is faulty, this ... read more

How to Drive Safely During a Winter Storm

Driving during a winter storm is a situation that most of us may try to avoid. However, if you are already on your way and a winter storm hits and you have no choice but to drive through it, the following winter storm driving safety tips can come in handy.  If you have some flexibility when it comes to when you need to drive through winter storm prone areas, be sure to look up weather conditions through major passes or highways along the way. This will help you better understand the conditions you will hit and inform you to make a better decision if driving through a snowstorm can be avoided.  If you find yourself driving through a winter storm, here are some safety tips to follow:  Keep a close eye on the road and be weary of black ice which can be difficult to detect.  Always drive slowly and carefully and eliminate all distractions if possible.  When you do drive over ice or snow and feel that your vehicle has lost traction, the important thing is to no ... read more

Happy Thanksgiving from Trinity Auto Haus!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Trinity Auto Haus! We hope that you had a wonderful holiday with friends and family. With all the holidays comes lots of travel, so if you are planning a road trip in the near future, we recommend that you check off some important travel measures before you hit the road.  Be sure to have your vehicle inspected by the experts here at Trinity Auto Haus before you hit the road. You never want to be caught in a situation where you are stuck without a working vehicle, so guaranteeing that your vehicle is ready for any road trip will keep your family safe and bring you peace of mind on the road.    Pack ample blankets and coats for the road to keep warm if you’re traveling in the cold this winter.    Have an emergency kit on hand in your trunk to help out in cases of emergencies. Some things to make sure you have with you include a spare tire, jack, wrench, flashlight, flares, cell phone charger, and first aid ... read more

Things Every Driver Should Know How to Do

Whether you've been driving for decades or you're a new driver on the road, there are certain things that every car owner should know that they don't always teach in Driver's Ed. Driving can be highly unpredictable and knowing how to change a tire or jump start your car in a tough spot can be a lifesaver, and end up saving you money on a tow. You will also be able to help a friend or family member in need if they find themselves in one of these tricky situations.  Here are some things that we believe every driver should know how to do:  Change a tire - getting stuck with a flat tire can be stressful, but knowing how to change a tire and having a spare along with tire changing tools with you at all times can save the day.  Check tire tread - your tires should always have good tread, so learning how to check tire tread can help you keep safe on the road. Plus, all you need is a penny! Check tire pressure - tire pressure is important to your safety, and ... read more

Reasons Behind Your Vehicle's Poor Fuel Economy

After driving your vehicle for a while, you begin to understand how much your full tank costs and how much a full tank will last you throughout the week. However, there are certain car problems that can happen that may have you noticing that your vehicle's fuel economy has decreased and you find yourself filling up your gas tank more often.  Poor vehicle maintenance is always a reason behind bad fuel economy. The better care you take of your vehicle, the better it will run and perform. You'll spend less on gas and repairs when you invest in proper vehicle maintenance. A regular vehicle inspection here at Trinity Auto Haus will keep your vehicle always running at its best and ensure that you get the best fuel efficiency from your car.  Here are some of the top reasons behind why your vehicle has poor fuel economy:  Incorrect tire pressure Bad oxygen sensors Dirty or clogged air filters Bad spark plugs Bad fuel injectors Blasting air conditioning Bad ... read more

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